Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Simply The Bestival (groan)

Given my new spring of positivity lately, I've insisted on saying yes to all opportunities laid in front of me, whereas previously I would have hesitated and instantly backed out. So, when my friend Sam asked me last week if I fancied a cheap last minute ticket to Bestival, my new run of go-getting was put to the test.

I ran out into the garden and went blackberry picking for a good hour to mull it over and decided that YES, I'd be silly not to pass up a chance for a beautiful weekend in the Isle of Wight. To me, it meant an opportunity to go a highly acclaimed festival, see some well loved bands and artists, and hopefully meet some new friends for the new university year.

Bestival did not disappoint.

Because it was all so last minute, I had to travel to Andover on Wednesday to stay at Sam's parents house with Sam, Jay and Ellie. We checked out the cattery there, reserved for the kitties owned by army wives (there is a huge military base nearby) and Sam's dad handmade us pizzas to munch on which were very delicious!

The journey to the festival site was very pleasant, minus a minor situation with an exploded bottle of wine. For future reference, nobody should ever decant their alcohol into those squeezy water bottles unless they want soggy clothes. Once in to the Bestival site, I realised that everything was adorned with foxes (my favourite animal) since the theme was Wildlife and I instantly felt like I was at home. We easily found a big spot to camp at by the Wishing Tree which made it so easy to locate our tent both day and night.

Musically, my favourites included Hot Chip, First Aid Kit, Sigur Rós (who were so overwhelming I was moved to tears) and the magical Stevie Wonder. Notable mentions also go to Adam Ant (yes, THAT Adam Ant) and the Good, The Mad and the Lovely Posse, Sister Sledge and JaiPur Kawa Brass Band.

Bestival is really fantastic for providing things to do and see that you normally wouldn't. For example, in one day I rollerskated, witnessed the wall of death where motorcycles perform stunts around a huge wooden cylinder and an oddball insect museum where tiny robotic bugs performed miniscule circus tricks - all for free. I created my own little spoon soldier for the spoon army, relaxed to the sounds of Pet Sounds on record whilst munching on free snacks, played giant Kerplunk and won so many Benefit makeup goodies to last me a very long time and danced so hard my feet ached more than I have ever encountered.

My post about Bestival would not be complete without mentioning the best venue of all time I have had the pleasure to experience at a festival: the Grand Palace of Entertainment. Laden with camp party tunes, entertainment and laughter provided by the simply fabulous folk of Sink the Pink and the greatest conga lines in the world, it was no wonder I spent 80% of my time in there.

Next time, I need to bring better dancing shoes and an airbed for the sore back I suffered from sleeping on the ground. I could've done a lot worse for just a week's notice. Regardless, I'm certain to return again next year!

P.S: I apologise that this post isn't very eloquent. Bestival left me with a nasty chest infection and flu so I've spent the past three days dosed up on various medicines and napping. My brain is ever so fuzzy as a result.

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