Friday, 14 September 2012

Money Sassing Expert: Freebies and Savings

When you're suddenly faced with very little money, something as simple as a freebie becomes the world to you. Amazingly, thanks to the internet, free stuff and discounts are as accessible as a few clicks. However, it does require an amount of persistence and patience.

1. Martin Lewis

This might be an obvious one but it's necessary to mention. I can't remember a life before Martin Lewis and his weekly email of deals but I don't think a time before him is worth recalling anyhow. Before you buy ANYTHING, I urge you to check this site out for vouchers or discounts on food, clothes, bills, travel, everything.
He's also an information bank for benefits, consumer rights, bank accounts, mortgages and loans. Freebies on this site are quite tricky to get unless you're quick since it's a very popular website. Still worth a try if you're feeling beady eyed.

2. '10 ways to have more money as a student, without working'

A new favourite, this facebook page strives to bring you bargains and freebies across the country. I'm often wary of facebook for getting good deals (I've watched my brother getting swindled too many times to count) but this one is 100% legit. They update very regularly so it's worth checking at least once a day. I've already scored some free tea, a cheap USB stick and a £5 Schuh voucher from this site and it only started a few weeks ago!

3. UK Freebies and Free Stuff

I'm kicking myself for revealing this one as it's my favourite website in the world for free stuff but because I'm a loving and caring person, there you go. It updates pretty much every day with free things to sign up for. You can use an alias email if it really bothers you but I'm too lazy for that. I've scored myself tea, coffee, biscuits, perfume, facial creams and razors from this website alone! It also consistently links to Boots samples which you'd otherwise need to be signed up for.

4. Land of Freebies

Absolutely hideous layout for a website and a fair amount of rubbish to scroll through but there are gems such as vouchers for free crisps or cereal bars.

5. Hot UK Deals

Another obvious one perhaps, but this is ran by a community that wants everyone to have good deals. The best deals are considered 'hot'. Again, if you're considering making a big purchase such as a laptop or camera, check this site out first. Also, now and again they have stackable vouchers for shops such as H&M - great if you want to boost your wardrobe for cheap.

6. Bitter Wallet

Good for consumer news and deals and picks out the best deals from Hot UK Deals, if you can't be bothered to scroll through yourself.

7. Social Networking

If you have certain brands that you love, make sure to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Check out their websites. Get involved in any and all competitions. A great example is Twinings, who have competitions running all of the time and interaction with facebook fans daily.
 The key is to be absolutely shameless about getting involved. Send letters or emails! I once sent an email to Gü puds telling them how their puddings made my day and they sent me a tote bag back! It's a little embarrassing but hey, I got a cute bag out of it for nothing.

This can also apply in real life too. If there's a stall with freebies, don't wait around for them to dish out the goods to you personally - storm right up there and ask! If you get chatty with the promoters, they can often give you a few more samples on the side. After all, they want to get their product out there.

This was just from a few minutes of signing up for stuff, in a few weeks!
This is just a small window into the world of getting stuff for free. It may seem a little redundant to some when you're only getting a few tea bags out of it but those tea bags in the post can completely transform an evening into something pleasant after a horrible day. Saying that, I've saved a bunch of money from these sites so it's been completely worth it.

I hope this helps you guys too!

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  1. I love this blog, I am always out to find freebies so I'm glad i'm not alone haha

    Ohliviaaaa xx