Friday, 14 September 2012

Feelin' Fancy Free: What's In My Handbag

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have an addiction to make-up. It took me a very long time to get interested in cosmetics because despite my curiosity, I was overwhelmed by the choice. I spent hours standing in Superdrug and Boots, staring aimlessly at foundations and mascaras before running out empty handed. So, make-up didn't enter my life until I was about 18 (I'll never forget that first application of red lippy!) and since then, I've slowly gathered a ridiculous pile of the stuff.

3 years on though, and I'm still staggered by the choice that's on the market. I'm hesitant to spend much money on a product unless I'm assured that it's going to be worth it. This is where What's In My Handbag comes in. I'd describe it as an online, interactive magazine that focuses on the contents of one's handbag. Make-up artists, musicians, fashion icons, actresses, all spill open their bags in order to reveal what their cosmetics of choice is.

The website does not feature strictly makeup either. It also shows perfume, hair products, facemasks, consultations, or even snacks on the go. Users then click on whichever products take their fancy and compile a wishlist. WIMH also brings out free samples each week of upmarket products and all you need to do is register. Receiving it depends on luck as demand is high but it only takes a few seconds to apply for the freebie and it's often top quality stuff that you won't necessarily get the chance to try.

Members of What's In My Handbag are encouraged to upload their own bag contents which can be shared and compared with friends. There is also an invite system where if you invite 25 friends, you receive a free gift worth £25, or if you're super popular then 50 invited friends can grab you a £50 voucher at Selfridges!

Due to my persistant nature, I've already hit the 25 friends mark and my box of goodies was sent in the post last week:

Perhaps I'm easily pleased but the little sticker with my name on in fancy text had me squealing like a small child with excitement. I'm just fond of feeling like a fancy lady, alright?

Nestled in a sleek box filled with black paper was a huge bottle of Mythic Oil by L'OrĂ©al Professional which restores shine to tired hair (something I direly need!) and a bottle of Filthy Gorgeous nail varnish in the shade of Rosey Posey. 

So, for simply browsing the contents of handbags (sounds rather naughty when I put it like that) and inviting my friends to get their own freebies, I managed to get my own fancy products to indulge with. It seems like a win/win situation, doesn't it?

Sign up for What's In My Handbag here:

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