Saturday, 28 July 2012

Call The Moment Good: BBQ Round 2

Mr Blue Sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long!
I woke up today in a terrible mood and the only cure seemed to be to fill my little stomach with barbecue food. Thankfully, the pleasant weather held up for another day so it was off to the shops for the bits and bobs required.

As a starter, I had a beetroot and cherry tomato salad. I never used to be a salad eater when I was younger so I do feel a bit more 'grown up' when I have it but I only ever crave it in the hot weather.

We decided to go for beef, onion and green pepper skewers as the main course. Visually, they looked amazing. I'm a big fan of presentation when it comes to food, as I am sure most people are, so it was good to see something so simple looking so impressive. For that extra gluttony, a few slices of halloumi were thrown on to the barbecue.

For dessert came the biggest treat: melted chocolate in banana skins. You simply split the skin of a banana down the middle, stud it with chunks of the chocolate of your choice then place on the grill until the chocolate fully melts. Green & Blacks Butterscotch Chocolate was the pick of today and, oh holy moly, the results were delectable and I only wish I could eat it all day.

Now I'm back to my flat in London, I'm determined to improve my day to day mood (not always with food but that won't hurt!) and get back into making things too, as the creative itch has been niggling at me all week.

Watch this space, Blogspot!

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