Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tramlines Weekend 2012

Ordering tea and cake in the cutest surroundings at Weston Park.

Last weekend, I travelled from Newcastle to Sheffield for the weekend festival, Tramlines. Tramlines takes place every year and the whole city is transformed into a site for live music, food stalls, fun and frivolities.

What I like most of all is the chance to hang out with my friends dotted about the country so it was easily worth the 4 hour coach journey. As soon as I strolled into the city and met Bethan, Mark and Foxy, I was already giggling away and happy to be there. We dropped our things off at Bethan's and grabbed some pizza and got the alcohol flowing in order to be suitably ready to party. More and more people showed up until the house was filled with good company.

The first band of the weekend was Shift-Static at a pub called Dada. These guys come from Newcastle and I'm a little disappointed that I hadn't heard of them sooner because I was stunned by how good they were. The leading lady's voice was heart-achingly beautiful and the band's sound was so electronically soothing that I made a mental note - no, demand - to listen to them some more when I return home (which I am doing right now!).

When Shift-Static finished, we headed to Na Zdrove at Penelope's. Having been before last year, I knew to expect a fun night. The music played is described as 'the greatest balkan beats, gypsy punk, russian ska, klezmer and brass mayhem' which is certainly unique from any other night out you'd typically attend. Plus, a samba band played halfway through the night and I felt as if I was at a carnival. So much fun!

Saturday morning, we lazed about watching/laughing at Time Team, Man vs. Food and a new episode of Pokémon. Being led by our stomachs, we ended up at Harley to gobble their famous burgers. I don't think I have ever inhaled a burger so quickly before, mine being a beef burger with halloumi, pineapple and sweet chilli sauce. If I could regurgitate it again and eat it, I would but that's really gross so no.

Some of us went our separate ways whilst I stuck around with Kitty, Bethan and Jen. We did try finding the cabaret show but failed miserably and we also tried to find the vintage fair we saw advertisements for but alas, it wasn't meant to be. So, instead we grabbed supplies of chocolate and coffee and crawled our way to Weston Park where we stumbled upon the Tea Tent. The area was decked with bunting, giant toadstools, flowers and crafted critters. Kitty commented that this would have been our party had we held it in a giant park!

Saturday night was Death By Shoes, a night I was assured I would love because of the music selection. The venue was completely rammed full of people though so a huge chunk of the group decided to leave early. Naturally, because I can't remove my dancing shoes once they're on, I insisted on staying a bit longer so a good six of us remained. Highlights included the sing/warble along to Wuthering Heights, Creep and The Chain. I'm going to have to attend that night again sometime, maybe when it's less busy (I need room to boogie my bum off, after all).

Sunday was my favourite day of all. I just found out that morning that Standard Fare were playing! I couldn't catch their set at Weston Park so we went for the funner option: WATCHING THEM ON A BUS. It was such a novelty and the bus was very bouncy, I wish I could watch more bands that way. Standard Fare were great too and you could tell the bus was filled with many fans. 

Up next was our group tradition of a meal at Nandos. I forgot how expensive the place was so I nearly keeled over in shock but I thought since I wouldn't be leaving my flat much in the next month, I'd treat myself to some delicious chicken. The rest of the day was spent watching various bands like Frankie and the Heartstrings (not a fan), Field Music (okay), 65daysofstatic (good but the crowd were disinterested and chatty wherever I stood) and the tail-end of Brave New Storm (also good).

The weekend was rounded off in the best way I can imagine: drunk-watching Father Ted, Alan Patridge and Embarrassing Bodies. I had the best time and I'm so glad I went. Such events are a constant reaffirmation that I have the greatest friends ever and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've got a serious case of post-weekend blues now so I'm going to spend the next few days recovering, eating ice cream and watching as many TV shows as I can before the next gathering.

(p.s If you read all of that, you deserve a medal. An Olympic gold medal. With encrusted diamonds.)


  1. Your blog is really cute, and your weekend sounds amazing. I haven't had a properly good weekend like that since I have been home from school forehead summer. Now where's my medal for reading that? ;)

    1. Aw, thank you, it was! I hope an equally as good weekend happens to you soon. Oh, and as promised: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/3102/medalqw.png (turns out you can't actually get diamond encrusted medals? travesty.)

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I haven't been to a gathering since January, I am pining.

    1. :( I miss you so much Frankie, return to my arms xxxxx