Friday, 10 August 2012

Bristol, Bad Luck and Bathtime

 As a last minute decision to help a sad friend in need, I managed to book a cheap coach to visit my best friend Kitty in Bristol, where she has recently made a big move on her own. The travel only costing ten pound return, I'm pretty lucky that I can drop in for so cheap. The journey there was nothing but pleasant as I listened to Jens Lekman and grinned the whole 2 and a half hours to the brand new city.

I met Kitty and we collected her packages from the post office, which happened to be a plushie red blood cell that I had bought her as a moving in mascot and an adorable bunny night light (which I am debating buying for myself). Once my luggage was ditched, we had a cup of tea and some cake whilst the heavy rain subsided.

Mercury pizza from Pizza Planet.

Our tummies rumbling, Kitty insisted on visiting the Planet Pizza. The novelty with Planet Pizza is that each pizza is named after - you guessed it - a planet. We both went for Mercury, which features 'fresh spinach and cream cheese with a hint of nutmeg and cherry tomatoes'. Salivating at the description, it wasn't long until the dish was right in front of me in all its glory. The best bit about it was the base. I'm quite fussy when it comes to pizza, if the base is too chewy or hard, I tend to end up a little grumpy about the whole affair - this pizza base was the complete opposite. Soft, fresh, delicious; it ticked all boxes for how a pizza should be.

Once inhaled (it was that good), we asked for the bill which came with a generous pile of jelly beans! Needless to say we left a generous tip after a wonderful time.

There are many fun shops on Gloucester Road and the rest of the day was spent browsing them all and pining over various items, such as fox shaped cushions and cute homewear. One day when I have a better income, I'll have to return and go on a little spree!

The next day, I had to occupy myself whilst Kitty did very important blood-work for the NHS. Naturally, I did equally as important things like read, watch Playdays on youtube and have a very long nap because I wasn't feeling very well. How... productive. Kitty returned with strawberry flavoured Mirinda and nursed me with a hot water bottle, painkillers and tea, like the good pal she is. The previous night, we had spied a half price Indian takeaway kit at Tesco for three pounds. We've bought one before on a previous sleepover so we knew it'd be good and to feed us for only a pound and a bit each was a bargain. As dessert, we gobbled chocolate fingers and watched the very odd 80's movie called 'Mystic Pizza' (we're fans of pizza, in case you hadn't noticed) until we were very tired and nodded off.

Wednesday was where it all went downhill for me which is a shame because I had such a nice time in Bristol. It all began when I managed to lock myself out of Kitty's house without the key component to me getting home: my phone. And without my phone, I couldn't contact anyone to get back in. After some unsympathetic responses from National Express, I ended up stranded in Bristol city for the day on my own with a whole bunch of clothes to carry about and sore feet. I spent the entire day feeling sorry for myself since I missed my original coach, had no clue where I was and felt pretty sick to be hanging around an unfamiliar city on my own.

I didn't get home until 11:30pm that night. I had a little cry in the coach station because I was so exhausted and homesick. Thankfully Kitty returned my phone after an SOS message on Twitter and Facebook but I missed the 6:30 coach by minutes and had to jump on one an hour later instead, which felt like the last straw after 8 hours of waiting.
A sneak preview for an upcoming tutorial and a copy of oh comely.

Fairy water via Rose Queen by Lush.
Once home, I ate a steaming pile of rigatoni al forno and keeled over in bed. Today has been spent crocheting, reading the heart-warming words of oh comely (my new favourite magazine) and painting my nails with a newly purchased Accessorize 'Fudge' nail varnish. To round off the evening, I took a bath with a bomb from Lush called 'Rose Queen'. The bath bomb fizzles and turns the water a lovely shade of pink and pretty bits of flowers swirl around the tub. I felt like a fairy queen.

This was exactly the sort of day I needed to rejuvenate and get my mind back to normal, following a frazzling day of frustrations. However, I must consider this a lesson learnt: never forget your phone!

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