Saturday, 19 May 2012

Party Crafts: Recycled Sweet Ramekins

In three weeks time, I'm throwing a party with Kitty to celebrate our joint 21st birthday. I love parties to begin with but even more than that, I adore planning the decorations and food and everything to keep it running smoothly.
So, over the next few weeks, I shall post the various ideas I've come across!

I have a ridiculously overpowering sweet tooth and this is evident by the pile of pudding ramekins lying in my cupboard, both at my flat and my mum's house. I've hoarded them away, determined to find another use for them some how.

Finally, a brainwave! They make the perfect bowls to decorate the house with at the party, filled with sweets and treats for my beloved guests. Then, to make them a little bit more exciting, I've mustered up a bow to add a more personal touch:

The pattern was simple, following the pattern on this website:

To attach the bow on to the ramekins, before wrapping the centre, ch40, fasten off. Attach the bow in the centre of the chain then wrap around as you would normally. Then, tie either end around the ramekin. Easy!

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