Thursday, 24 May 2012

Let the Sunshine In

Britain loves the warm weather. Evidence of this escalates when as soon as the temperatures hit the mid-20s, there is more flesh on show than a butcher's shop window. I'm no different to this worship of the sunshine, for I find it truly blasts away the blues and positively drags me out of the flat with far too much enthusiasm.

So, it was out with the picnic blanket (Primark, £6), cold alcoholic beverages and of course, our summer pride and joy: the bucket BBQ (Sainsburys, £10).

Indulging in steaks, sliced potatoes and yellow bell pepper pieces, it was certainly one of the classiest barbecues I've encountered before. It was far from the desperate attempts to light the disposable barbies from Poundland, eyeing the safety of a half-cooked, half-charred burger!

After stuffing myself, then more so with warmed up decadent cookies from Waitrose, I lay in the sun reading Murakami from my Kindle (an early birthday present from my mum!). Whilst on the subject, I highly recommend checking out the Kindle covers created by the lovely Annie Sparkles. The fox cover I have has sold out but she has plenty to choose from and I can confirm they're beautifully made and stunning to look at.

As a final treat to myself (I'm a huge fan of treats, as you can tell), I purchased this magazine entitled "What Every Woman Should Know". Whilst I'm not a Daily Mail reader at all, I could not turn down the opportunity to spy at the sort of lifestyle tips and advice presented to the ladies of the 1930s - that and oh my, the fashion causes my heart to flutter with envy! My favourite article so far is the guide to purchasing your clothes for the year with a budget of £30. I wonder if it's possible at all in this day in age!

Finally, my cool Deal of the Week:
Between 3pm to 5pm, every day until the 5th of June, Starbucks are offering 50% off any sized Frappuccinos. Flavours include: mocha cookie, caramel, strawberries and cream. You can save up to £1.85 (depending on the size you buy). Definitely ideal for cooling down!


  1. that sounds like an awesome day; i'm jealous!

  2. Wow how on earth do you do a steak on a BBQ?

    This is really stupid but I've just read your post in google reader and saw the mention of foxes and bookmarked the etsy page you linked to so I could send it to you on facebook cos I forgot you had started a blog haha!

    1. Hahaha! Umm, you just season the steak to taste, wait until the BBQ is hot enough then cook one side for a minute (unless you want it more well-done), then flip for another minute. Super juicy and delicious!!