Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Turning 21: The Party

After months of preparation, the party had finally come to fruition. We decorated Kitty's house with as much bunting as we could lay our paws on, birthday banners, balloons, glitter and confetti. It was a little stressful since we also had to get ready to look our best for the evening whilst setting up the buffet table and drinks and without our friends to help us out, I'm not sure it would have all looked as good as it turned out!

For the party, we wanted a mix of childish memories crossed with a more elegant twist so whilst we had sensible Northern stodge like sausage rolls, bombay mix, scotch eggs and crudites, we also delectable little ramekins filled with Haribo sweeties, strawberry laces, party rings. As a formal nod to our teenage preferences, we even had lambrini punch (which actually tasted pretty good, honestly!).

Continuing the theme of childhood with adulthood, we made vodka jelly and even had vodka gummi bears (which were a smash hit and went pretty quickly). If only you could buy the latter before a night out, yum! The above photo features a glimpse of the beautiful gifts Kitty had bought me, including a handmade fox and a very funny Geordie birthday card (made by Bykerlass)! She's my best friend for a reason.

After much mingling and drinking cocktails out of teapots, everybody sang happy birthday to us over the most beautiful cake I have ever encountered. On the left of the cake is the original piata made from tissue paper roses (Original guide here) that I slaved over for a good week before realising it was far too beautiful to destroy. So, in the space of a few days I threw together a lesser pinata, in the form of a teapot which was happily smashed up!

Once we were all fed and watered, we ventured to Jukebox at The Other Rooms and had a right good boogie. Definitely a memorable birthday filled with love and fun. Kitty and I may even have to plan for our 30th birthday party together, it was such a success!

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